Endless possibilities.

Oribi’s unique combination of practical, high-speed automation with material science unlocks the full potential of continuous fiber-reinforced composites. Originally limited to niche applications in the aerospace industry, thermoplastic composites offer significant potential to improve the world we live in, but have lacked an affordable conversion technology to turn these materials into finished parts, affordably.  Oribi delivers on the potential of these materials by solving that conversion challenge, thereby enabling widespread use of thermoplastic materials, affordably, in all markets.

Bringing advanced composites to reality.

Winning the game with advanced composites.

Thermoplastic composites represent the newest generation of structural materials for high-volume manufacture of exceptionally strong, durable, and lightweight components.

Let us take the weight.

Our application development team will work with you from initial part design and testing all the way through full production implementation at Oribi. We bring composite design expertise, creative problem solving, and a unique production-oriented thought process to help you succeed.  Every decision we make throughout the process is informed by production economics, with a singular focus of enabling our customers to utilize advanced composites in a meaningful and affordable way.  

The benefits of thermoplastic composites.


Up to 50% or greater weight reduction vs. traditional materials


Thermoplastic composites offer significant improvements in durability and strength


Automated and robotic processes enable affordable high-volume production


Endless customization to optimize performance of your part

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