Enabling Widespread Use of Advanced Composites for All Markets.

Lightweight, High Performance Advanced Composites for All Markets.

Automation and robotic processes developed by Oribi greatly reduce manufacturing labor, cycle-times, and improve material yields, all of which result in high volume, affordable production of continuous fiber reinforced composite structures. You will find Oribi products in nearly every industry imaginable, from sporting goods to military protective equipment to aerospace and defense programs. We’ve eliminated costly and unnecessary steps typically found in composite component production; this ‘right sized’ approach enables composites to be used more affordably, and in higher volumes, than ever before.

Our Processes.


Oribi 3D FORM is the foundational process developed for the production of highly tailored, continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite components for a wide range of end-use applications.  3D FORM takes advantage of high speed automation, proprietary heating and cooling technologies, and high pressure thermoforming to enable the use of advanced composites, and to offer an affordable alternative to off-shore production. 


Oribi SPIN™ is the industry’s first production solution for circular shaped, continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite structures. Oribi SPIN™ unites automation, robotics and high-speed thermoforming with the inherent strength and durability of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resins, and enables the adoption of thermoplastic composite materials for complex, circular parts.  SPIN makes affordable, on-shore production of wheels, rims and other high volume engineered products a reality.

ORIBI Over Mold

Oribi Over Mold uses a structural component produced with our 3D FORM™ process, then integrates structural, cosmetic, and functional features as a second injection molding step. Oribi Over Mold can be used to apply in-mold graphics and other design features that reduce downstream assembly, improve finished part performance, and meet high production rates.  Over Mold enables on-shore production of traditionally high labor content, complex components affordably for a wide range of applications. 

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