Going further with advanced composites.

Advanced thermoplastic composites offer a wide range of benefits in the medical industry. By combining the inherent lightweight properties of continuous fibers together with the durability and strength of thermoplastics polymers, advanced thermoplastic composites improve part performance, user experience, and quality of life.

Reduce weight and improve performance of mobility systems, prosthetics, patient transport and other high performance medical devices.

Improving lives.

With the advancement of high-volume manufacturing, including our proprietary SPIN™ technology for circular structures, there has never been so many opportunities to improve the quality of life for so many people.

The benefits of thermoplastic composites.


Carbon fiber composites are radiolucent, allowing penetration of x-rays through their structure, resulting in sharper and more accurate images


Exceptionally tough and durable, thermoplastic composites increase part life and in service reliability


Thermoplastic composites have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, thereby increasing ease of transportation, self-propulsion, and user comfort.


Thermoplastic composites improve user experience and comfort by maintaining stiffness and form while dampening vibrations

Call us today to improve your customers quality of life  with the performance benefits of advanced composites.

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