Our mission

At Oribi, we are driven by the belief that advanced materials should be affordable and accessible to all markets.

Founded in 2008 by Jack Wilfley, Oribi was born out of a deep knowledge base rooted in engineering and manufacturing ingenuity and a passion for automation and innovation. Our goal was to solve the biggest question in the composite materials industry:  How to make advanced composite parts affordable and accessible to all markets.

Fast forward to today, and we are leading the industry in enabling widespread adoption of advanced, lightweight materials for markets where historically it was cost prohibitive. We combine advanced material science with proprietary automated manufacturing processes and engineering design expertise to deliver customized composite solutions that set the standard for quality & performance.

Ingenuity is in our DNA.

At Oribi, we believe that together we achieve more. We invest in relationships with our customers, suppliers, and with one another as a team. Integrity and innovation underpin every action we take. Our continuous investment in technology and capacity underlines our commitment to advancing as the most agile, trusted, and robust partner for today and tomorrow.

Today, 12 years in the making, Oribi is leading the industry in enabling widespread adoption of advanced, lightweight materials for nearly every market segment—sporting goods, military and defense, industrial machinery, transportation, medical equipment, and aerospace. We have made over one million parts for our customers. We now have over 10 fully automated production cells processing thousands of pounds of advanced composite materials weekly.

To understand Oribi, it helps to understand our founder, Jack Wilfley.  By nature, Jack is inventive, and thinks differently. 



Jack Wilfley leaves his industrial manufacturing job to ride his motorcycle across the world.  Literally.  Jack started his journey in Denver, CO with a backpack on his bike, and ended up 6 years later, with 28 countries and untold miles under his belt.  Along the way, Jack designed and built the world’s largest gorge swing in Oribi Gorge, South Africa, later becoming the inspiration for our company name.


Jack joins Fiberforge in Glenwood Springs, CO, and gets his hands dirty in the shop, learning about thermoplastic composites and process automation technology.

Jack sees the need in the market for a different kind of  company in the composites industry, one focused on serving a broader market through innovative automation processes, and forms Oribi Manufacturing, LLC.


Oribi leases space inside of a 100-year-old manufacturing building in Denver, CO, starting with a single layup machine.  Oribi's first customer uses composite parts for a high-performance backpack designed for the US special forces. 


The first robot at Oribi is deployed for complex trimming and deburr processes.


Oribi secures its first contract with the U.S. military to produce structural parts for mass production.

Partner with us and realize the true benefits of composites.

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