Jack Wilfley

CEO, Founder

Jack Wilfley is the CEO and founder of Oribi Manufacturing. He is focused on the research and development of automated processes that make continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics affordable, and available for much wider audiences than what is traditionally only accessible to the aerospace industry.

Jack is passionate about innovating in areas of process, part design, and automation design. This is one of the keys to Oribi’s success; our innovation in automation makes us different from other CFR-TP part manufacturers.

Jack founded Oribi in 2008 recognizing the need for advanced composite parts that were high quality and reasonably priced.

As a 5th generation Coloradan, Jack and his family have a legacy of manufacturing in Colorado for more than 100 years. While mining in Leadville, CO his great-great-grandfather began innovating new mining machinery. He held numerous patents and many businesses, all based on the advancement of process machinery. Jack traces his innovative nature back to his great-great-grandfather and keeps that spirit going at Oribi.  

Our team is here to help you realize the true value of advanced composites.  Contact us today to learn more.

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