Optimize performance with composites.

The next revolution in sporting performance is here. Lightweight yet tough, continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites offer significant advantages to improve the performance and sustainability of your products. With Oribi, affordable, high rate production of these components is now possible in North America. 

High potential.

By combining highly automated manufacturing processes with rapidly formable material chemistries, Oribi has unlocked the potential for the use of advanced composites in a wide range of lightweight structures, where traditional composites were cost-prohibitive due to high labor content.

The benefits of thermoplastic composites.


Thermoplastics are inherently tough and durable against in-service wear and tear, increasing part reliability and longevity.


Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites provide excellent vibration dampening properties, providing a smoother ride and improved user experience


Optimized lightweight structures enable you to go faster, further, for longer, gaining performance advantages and minimizing fatigue


Unlike thermoset chemistries, thermoplastics are recyclable, reducing landfill waste and contributing towards more sustainable supply chain.

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