Lighter than metallics and more durable than thermoset composites, continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics meet high-performance structural requirements in the most demanding applications. Additionally, the inherant recylability of thermoplastics contributes to a more sustainable future.

Combining highly automated manufacturing processes with high-rate capable polymer chemistry.

Advanced composites
for a demanding world.

By combining automated manufacturing processes with rapidly formable materials, Oribi unlocks the potential for the mass adoption of thermoplastic composites, enabling the use of these materials for high demanding applications in material processing, fluid handling, robotics and others. Additionally, thermoplastic composites can be integrated into existing products, preventing the need for costly redesigns while improving part life and reducing part weight.

The benefits of thermoplastic composites.


Tough, durable, yet lightweight, thermoplastic composites withstand the rigors of the most demanding applications while providing optimal part performance


Thermoplastic composites exhibit a low coefficient of thermal expansion, ensuring highly precise parts in a range of environmental conditions.


By using unidirectional fiber reinforced materials, strength and stiffness can be optimized to meet part performance requirements


Thermoplastic composites deliver outstanding solvent resistance and perform in the harshest environments, reducing infield maintenance and operational downtime while improving in-service performance.

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